New Directions

Basic Directions for

Once you have received your user name and temporary password, do the following immediately.

Logging in:

Go to your page, select “login” in the lower right hand corner. Enter your user name and temporary password. This will take you to the “dashboard” – the control center. The dashboard has links to other instructions or your may use the following ones we created.

Change Password and add users:

Select “users” and then, “authors and users.” Find your user name and select edit. Scroll down to the “Update User’s Password” and change your password. Select Update User.
This is also the page where you will add any users you would to join you in your page. You will also need to select what level of user you want each student to have. We have our students set as “author.” You have been given administrator access (which lets you do anything but delete the entire blog – let us know if you need that).

To change the look of your blog:

Go to Presentation and you will have several options of looks for your blog. Select the one you like. If you know html you can go into the theme editor to make changes.

Go to Options to change the title of your page.


You have to options – writing a post and writing a page. Post will show in the center of the page. Pages will show as a link and are to the left of posts. Links are to the right of posts.

Select “Write” and type in your message. When you have completed your message, select “publish.”

Select “Write Page” and you type in your message as above but you will select “create new page” to publish a page.

Note: On both posts and pages – in the right hand margin are some different options. I recommend that if you do not want comments to deselect the “Allow Comments” under Discussion. Always deselect “Allow Pings.”

Adding Links and Categories

Go to the “links” tab on the dashboard. It is pretty self explanatory. Here you can add categories and then place your favorite links into the categories.

Student Blog Directions


Go to the blog website address given to you.

Find the question or discussion assigned.

To add your comment, click on “comment” under the question/discussion you are to add to.
This will take you to the page in which you will post your comment. You will see the original question/discussion and any other comments that were posted previously to yours.

Enter your name (follow your own teacher’s directions), email address, and website in the corresponding boxes. Note to teachers: Decide which email address you wish to give. See our privacy statement in regards to children’s information.

Enter your comment. Be sure to use appropriate language!

When you are through, click on “Say it!”

Your comment may or may not post immediately depending on how your teacher set up the blog. Many blog comments have to be approved by the blogger before they are posted.
Have fun!